Monday 5 August 2013





from 12-08-2013 to 14-08-2013

                All High Schools Head Masters / MEOs are instructed to conduct Unit Test - I Examinations from 12-08-2013 to 14-08-2013 instead of  August 6th, 7th and 8th - 2013 to the students of Class 6th to 10th. 

                                                     --- District Educational Officer, Guntur.

Friday 2 August 2013

Implementation of Bharath Scouts & Gudee in schools

Present: Sri D.Anjaneyulu M.Sc.,M.Ed.,C.P.E.(London)

Rc.No.476/D3/2013                                                                                            dt.02-08-2013

               Sub:- Bharat Scouts and Guides – Guntur District –Registration orf Scouts and Guides                             troops in   all schools in the District  – instructions –issued- reg.

                Ref:-This Office Pros.Rc.No.476/D3/2013 dt.16-06-2013..
               The attention of all the Heads of Institutions in the Dist. is invited to the ref. ctied wherein, they have requested to implement Scouts and Guides activities in their Institutions invariably along with other activities.  But it came to the notice of the under signed that some of the Heads of Institutions are  not implementing  the scouts and Guides activities in a proper way though instructions were issued from time to time and also training teachers are also available in most of the schools.  The higher authorities are frequently  reminding the under sighned about the activities taken up by the Heads of Institutions.
                             In view of the above, all the Heads of Institutions under all Managements  are once again  requested to implement the Scouts and Guides activities with the coordination of Scouts and Guides trained teachers here after without fail. All the Mandal Educational Officers in the District are also requested to implement the activities in their jurisdiction  without fail. It is further informed that if any school is not having the Scouts and Guides troops, those  Heads of Institutions are requested to implement the activities in their Institution also immediately  and submit compliance at once to the under signed without fail.
               Further, they are also requested to register the Scouts and Guides troops immediately if already not registered previously and depute the trained Scout Master or Guide Captain to Scout Building, Guntur on or before 09-08-2013 to receive Registration form from A.S.O.C.(S), Guntur.
             Top priority should be given to this item of work.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          District Educational Officer
All the Head Masters in the Dist.
Copy to all the Deputy Educational Officers in the Dist with request to communicate the circulars among the Head Masters under their jurisdiction.
Copy to the Deputy Educational Officer, Z.P., Guntur with request to communicate the circulars among the Head Masters under his jurisdiction.
Copy forwarded to the Chief Executive officer, Z.P., Guntur for information.
Copy forwarded to the Dy. Secretary, A.P.S.E.Res. Schools, Guntur for information and necessary action.
Copy submitted to the State Secretary, Bharat Scouts and Guides, A.P., Hyderabad for favour of kind information.
Copy to the Dist. Secretary and L.A.Secretaries, , Bharat Scouts and Guides in the Dist.
Copy to the A.S.O.C. (S), Guntur for information and necessary action.