Wednesday 5 July 2023


SA (Mats) / (PS) Urdu medium

Sa (BS) Urdu medium

SA (SS) Urdu medium

1) SA (Maths) / PS --  a)   General List 

                                      b)  SC list

                                     Maths Roster points  shortly  ---      68  posts

                                     PS Roster points  shortly        ---      65  posts

2)  SA ( BS) Roster list     51 POSTS

3)   SA (English) Roster List  42 POSTS

Tuesday 4 July 2023

SA SS and PD promotion lists for 5-7-2023


All the teachers including Extended list are instructed to attend for promotion counseling on 05-07-2023 at 10-00 AM in DCEB, Pariksha Bhawan, Guntur.


Monday 3 July 2023

Gr. II Headmasters promotions list


Gr. II Headmasters Promotion List.

           All the Teachers mentioned in the above Promotion  lists are instructed to attend promotion counseling on 4-7-2023 at 2 PM in DCEB, Pariksha Bhawan, Guntur along with Service Registers and Certificates.